mike mosier
Dr. Kristen is everything and more than her previous reviews. I've had varying success in the past with other institutions. She us as good as her word. Professional , personable, extremely efficient and more knowledgable than any audiologist in my past experience. The relief in finding someone not trying to up charge me to while making a simple repair along with helpful maintenance advice is a pleasure and relief. I will always come here for honest expert work. And yes, when I do need new hearing equipment I know who I'll trust.
Andy B
This is the best hearing care center in Macomb County. Dr. Christin Peyerk is a licensed audiologist with a bachelor’s degree in audiology from Michigan State University and a doctorate in audiology from Western Michigan University. She has over a decade of experience diagnosing, evaluating and treating hearing loss as well as expert knowledge of the latest technology in hearing aids and devices. Dr. Peyerk is very friendly and helpful and will not try to sell you something you don't need. Her "unbundled" pricing approach will save you considerable money on your hearing aids and help you avoid paying for services you don't need. I have been wearing hearing aids for about 10 years, and the pair she recently fitted me with are by far the best hearing aids I've ever worn. If you need your hearing tested and/or are interested in purchasing hearing aids, I highly recommend that you make an appointment to see Dr. Peyerk. You'll be glad you did!
Ron Misetich
My first experience at this facility was an awesome one! Dr. Kristen was phenomenal and really knew her stuff about the hearing aids, as well as my insurance coverage. I am going in on Thursday to pick my hearing aids up and the good doctor promised to sit down with me and download the app for the hearing aids. Then she said that we work on adjusting and fine tuning the hearing aids. She's a great audiologist and an extremely nice person! If you ever need to get hearing aids, I would highly recommend this doctor and her facility.
JoAnn Y.
I was visiting family in Michigan for Thanksgiving, when my 11 year old daughter lost the dome to one of her hearing aids. Since we're from out of state, I searched for hearing centers online and began to desperately call each one. Being that it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, my calls were greeted by voicemail after voicemail, all to which I left no message. I then received a call and voicemail from the Hearing Care Center in Shelby Township. Dr. Christin Peyerk explained she had missed my call and that if I needed anything to give her a call back since she would be in the office for another hour or so. Hearing Dr. Peyerk speak those words on my voicemail was like an angel answering my prayer. I immediately called her back and explained my daughter's situation to her. She was SO pleasant, So friendly, and SO helpful. She reassured me that she had domes for my daughter's hearing aids and we'd be able to pick them up. I thanked her before I hung up and she replied, "I'm happy to be able to help". Upon arriving at the office, she not only replaced the missing dome, but she cleaned my daughter's hearing aids, replaced the wax guard, and sent us away with a bag of extra domes! Dr. Peyerk did not have to do this. We are not her patients, we don't even live in the state of Michigan! I will never forget the generosity, kindness, and compassion that Dr. Peyerk had for our situation. For this, I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Dr. Christin Peyerk at the Hearing Care Center for helping strangers in a time of need. May God bless you!
Karen Becker
Absolutely the very best in knowledge, courtesy and friendliness. Christin Peyerk, Au.D is a wonderful Doctor of Audiology very caring. Dr. Peyerk will go the extra mile to make sure that you are happy and can hear.